Children not connected and illegal stops, but there is security near the schools

In the vicinity of schools the majority of road users move cautiously, respecting speed limits and safety regulations. It is positive that the results of the “BIMBI SICURI” operation promoted by the Police of the City of Lugano during the month of September (for the beginning of the school) emerge.

Radar checks – At the beginning of the school year the parents of the 3,650 students from Lugano received a circular letter with police councils. At the same time, on the roads near the school premises, A total of 17 controls were organized, during which the speed of 5,147 vehicles was measured. There are 276 infringements detected (5.4% of the total number of registered vehicles) and only in 4 cases was the speed “noteworthy” and subject to a different procedure than the disciplinary fine.

Yellow waistcoat – During the first day of school, first grade students were given a “gilet” bib to make them clearly visible on the home-school route. Traffic police instructors from the City of Lugano also met, in 21 school locations, 30 first-grade classes. 502 children were provided with an information booklet on the home-school route and a packet of candies with tips for safely moving on the roads.

Seat, parking and precedence over strips – The proximity action of neighborhood agents near school centers should not be forgotten. Those hired were 15, plus 2 police assistants, for a total of 36 checkpoints and 210 hours of service. During the checks, various inadequate / illegal behaviors were reported and notified to the persons concerned. There were 43 children not properly seated, 43 illicit car stops, 11 non-precedents for pedestrians on pedestrian crossings and 29 crossings outside pedestrian crossings (students and / or parents).
During the first week, the agents simply educated the people who had committed the infractions, informing them of the correct and safest behavior to adopt. In the second week, the violations (“radically diminished”) were sanctioned: 5 illegal stops and 7 unattached children.

Reinforcements for education – Recently the Command has reinforced the education service for students, who can now count on two full-time units. It is the sergeant chief Claudio Mastroianni, responsible, and the new instructor, pinned Patrick Brühwiler, who during the school year will meet over 3,600 students of the city schools to teach them the correct behavior on the road.