How to Know If You Have Selected the Best Preschool for Your Child

Do you think that your child is emotionally, physically and socially ready for sitting in a classroom? Then start your research for a suitable Eastwood preschool facility. Preschools provide basic childhood education to kids from 2 to 4 years old until your little one gets ready for kindergarten. Preschools are not attributed as proper schools or else in some countries, these are conceived as Child care centers. To find the best one for your child, don’t forget to assess them based on the following mentioned indicators.

Qualified Teachers

Firstly, let’s talk about the teachers with whom your child is going to spend good 5-6 hours a day. Understand their teaching method, how they are incorporating their knowledge into the child’s experience. A preschool teacher must have a degree in child care or children’s elementary education or in a related field that covers the child’s developmental needs. This is the mandatory qualification requirement, let‘s talk about their behavior and attitude towards children, is it encouraging and nurturing? Do they have a good bonding with children? Do they inclusively interact with each kid and understand their issues? Are they engaging and interactive with parents? These are some important aspects that need to be part of a preschool teacher’s personality.

Meeting Health & Safety Standards

In preschools, your child’s early age and experience are mainly determined by the teacher, his surroundings, and the rules and policies he is supposed to abide by. Make sure that the pre-school facility that you are finalizing for your kid is duly licensed and meets all the health and safety standards set by the government. You know that your 2.5 years old would need help there getting through. So a facility that fulfills the basic needs of the child plus fine-tunes their cognitive and social skills, is a perfect selection for your little one.

Preschool Discipline policy

If you know that your child is a shy one and takes time to trust and bond with anyone, you need to control your nerves around him and when you are leaving him in a preschool, where the disciplinary policy is not properly implemented and adults lose their calm easily, that’s not a good place for your child to be in. in the finalizing stage, interview the school management and teachers and understand their views about managing a difficult child. Does it base on mutual respect, patience and care? If you see anything else in practice, remove your child from there as it could have damaging effects on your little one.

Every preschool has its teaching, disciplinary and behavioral philosophy. Choose one which matches your philosophy and suits your child’s needs the most.